Free Online PD? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

At this busy time of year if you are looking for ways to unwind, unplug, and yet still be plugged in, you might want to check out the K-12 Online Conference – Theme: Purposeful Play. The K-12 Online Conference is organized by several people (Peggy George, Susan van Gelder, Kim Caise, Jose Rodriguez  Ginger Lumen, Darren Kuropatwa, and Wes Fryer) and happens…guess what, all online, all totally free! He has lined up a group of web notables to discuss and present on various issues related to educational technology. The entire schedule is available:


The conference started just yesterday and continues through Dec. 9th.  Topics are varied, but a few popped out as contenders (I will add links as they become available online):

There are many, many others each day, I just picked a few to highlight.  They are posted either in an audio or a videocast.  You can also find them later through iTunes U.

Happy viewing!

Georgia Heard and the Common Core

Georgia Heard visited AES this past year to work with MS Humanities teachers on the writing workshop model.  She is a poet and a founding member of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.  She recently spoke with Choice Literacy to discuss her first impressions of the Common Core and thoughts on the Common Core in relation to poetry, non-fiction reading, and assessment.

Listen to this podcast to hear what Georgia is saying about the Common Core and how best to approach using the document.  She offers advice and issues to consider as schools move forward with implementation of the Common Core Standards.  The podcast is 12 minutes long and there is also a transcript of the podcast available on the website.

Photo Attribution: Stenhouse Publishing

Calling All Techies – Regional PD Opportunities

As we continue to move forward with technology integration at AES, we are lucky to have so many regional PD opportunities directed at supporting our technology integration efforts.

Two opportunities in particular are on the horizon and it is best to register and plan in advance for these.

The 21st Century Learning Conference @Hong Kong will be held at the International School of Hong Kong this year. The conference is organized in strands so you select the strand that most closely supports your work. All presentations in the strand will be focused on a particular topic (teaching Science, ELL students, or Humanities, etc).  Several people, including your technology integrators have attended this conference.  A really unique aspect of this conference is the first day and a half you can visit schools in Hong Kong with 1:1 laptop programs and observe classes in action.

Additionally, this conference currently has a call for presentations so it is a great opportunity to share what you have been doing in your classes.

DATES: Feb. 16th-18th

It happens right here in India at the American School of Bombay. ASB Unplugged is an international 1:1 conference offering lots of opportunity to see 1:1 technology in action as well as presentations and discussions. Many of your tech integrators have been to ASB Unplugged so just check in with them about this conference. The school has reserved spots for AES teachers, so if you are interested, check out your PD funds and have a chat with David (the Technology Director) about grabbing one of those spots and attending the conference.

DATES: Feb. 23rd to the 25th with a pre and post conference day on either end.