As we all begin a new school year, we are involved in many different transitions. Some of us are new to the school, many of us have new colleagues, and most of us will be facing new students on Tuesday.  Our students are also involved in transition: new schools, new teachers, new friends, and new expectations.

In April of 2011, Educational Leadership published by ASCD devoted the issue to the the changes students face at various points in their schooling career.

The issue in its entirety can be found here.

Some of the articles may be of particular interest to different groups.  Highlights include:

Paving Paradise: How 5-year-olds really learn

Supporting Early School Success:The dramatic changes students go through in the first few years of school

The Ups and Downs of 3rd Grade

The Leap into 4th Grade

Demystifying the Adolescent Brain

Moving up to the Middle

Here is to a new and exciting school year and all of the exciting transitions swirling around us.

Best of luck meeting your students and starting your classes next week!