Yes….I did find this on Facebook

Despite our week of Digital Citizenship Camps in the MS and HS (fabulous job to all involved!) and all of our discussion around the the uses of social media and the need for balance, I returned home tonight to find this gem posted on Facebook by a few AES teachers.  It seems very worthy of sharing as when I read it, I recalled so many of the teachers who impacted my life and at the same time I thought of all of you impacting the lives of your students every day.

From Kylene Beers, the author of the post:

“To this day, [insert student name] remembers you, [insert your name], and to this day, I so hated how much he/she loved you that year. And, simultaneously, I am so grateful that he/she did.”

The work you do with students everyday is awesome. Have a wonderful school year.




21st Century Fluencies with Andrew Churches

“How we teach must reflect how our students learn. It must also reflect the world our students will move into. This is a world which is rapidly changing, connected, adapting and evolving. Our style and approach to teaching must emphasize the learning in the 21st century.”  

–Andrew Churches

Wiki: Educational-Origami

Key Take-Aways from Andrew’s Visit:

Solution Fluency: A portable process that structures problem solving

  • Define
  • Discover
  • Dream
  • Design
  • Deliver (Produce or Publish)
  • Debrief

Information Fluency: Act of collecting, processing, manipulating and analyzing information

  • Ask (open-ended questions)
  • Acquire (informal vs. formal)
  • Analyze
  • Apply (present)
  • Assess

Resources on Problem-Based Learning:

Thinking for the Future — Connecting with Other Schools: