Cannot Starting Thinking about Summer PD Too Early

Ah  yes, the proverbial early bird.

PTC and TTC have announced their summer schedules of courses and registration will open beginning Dec. 1st. These classes fill up FAST because they are high quality, gear specifically to international educators, and in the summer.

Check out the options for both leadership, teaching, and counseling in both Miami, FL and London, England.

Several people on campus have attended classes through PTC and many just spent time with Bambi Betts who trains and runs the PTC institutes,

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We have been Bambied

Last week we were visited by the teacher leadership consultant Bambi Betts and though she only worked with certain identified leaders, we all lead in our school in both big and small ways and what ever the level of leadership there are skills and strategies associated with leading.

Here are all of the handouts Bambi used with us last week, many of you may find them useful and great tools for reflection whether in a particular situation you are leading or following.



SESSION 2 team dynamicsf(1)


Leadership Tools delhi 12 binder f(1)

Google Apps Summit in Mumbai

Google Apps is coming to Mumbai!  Mark your calendars for Dec. 1 and 2nd.

Several teachers in the high school just returned from the Singapore Summit last week and and for all who attended (myself included) it was generally considered to have been a fantastic conference and learning opportunity.

There are a multitude of apps in the Google Suite and exposure to all of the possibilities of Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Docs, and Google Forms in one intense weekend will surely give you lots to consider and many areas for potential technology integration into your courses.

If you are interested in attending, there are group discounts available for the conference and I am looking into a group discount for airfare. As it stands now the conference is about $200 and flights are around the same.

The Curriculum Office is happy to facilitate a group booking for hotels, flights, and the conference, you just need to let us know if you are interested. Just contact Stacy to express interest.

If you want to see the Singapore Program check out this site, the Mumbai one is not completed yet, but I would expect to see similar offerings.

Happy Google-ing!




As we all begin a new school year, we are involved in many different transitions. Some of us are new to the school, many of us have new colleagues, and most of us will be facing new students on Tuesday.  Our students are also involved in transition: new schools, new teachers, new friends, and new expectations.

In April of 2011, Educational Leadership published by ASCD devoted the issue to the the changes students face at various points in their schooling career.

The issue in its entirety can be found here.

Some of the articles may be of particular interest to different groups.  Highlights include:

Paving Paradise: How 5-year-olds really learn

Supporting Early School Success:The dramatic changes students go through in the first few years of school

The Ups and Downs of 3rd Grade

The Leap into 4th Grade

Demystifying the Adolescent Brain

Moving up to the Middle

Here is to a new and exciting school year and all of the exciting transitions swirling around us.

Best of luck meeting your students and starting your classes next week!



Professional Development Anyone?

The PD calendar is up to date with lots of great things happening both at AES and regionally.

A few highlights for the coming semester at AES

  • Restitution in the ES and for any other interested parties, just contact Susan Young for more information
  • Mark Church for Visible Thinking in the ES
  • Erma Anderson for Math and Science K-12
  • Taylor Mawley K-12
  • Bambi Betts for Leadership Training K-12
  • Teachers College for Reading Workshop in the MS
  • Buffalo State Master’s courses will be taking place throughout the year
  • CoETail – Certificate of Educational Technology courses though Buffalo State will also be taking place throughout the year.

There are some upcoming regional events if you are interested they should be registered for soon.

  • Google Apps for Teachers: Sept. in Singapore
  • European 1:1 Learning Institute – Sept. in Frankfurt
  • Technology and PD – Sept. in Yokohama
  • Learning 2.012: Oct. in Beijing
  • NESA Leadership: Oct. in Dubai
  • NESA Fall Training: Oct. in Dubai

If you know of regional PD you think others might be interested in, please let us know and we will be sure to share this on the blog.

Happy professional development!

Learning 2.012

We have just received the Learning 2.012 schedule with registration opening up starting May 1st and early bird registration ending on June 1st.

Last year Learning 2.011 was a big hit with AES teachers and we sent a large cohort to Shanghai to learn about new strategies with technology and to be inspired by leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of technology integration.

Next year Learning 2.012 will be hosted in Beijing from October 11th to 13th.  Check out their website here.  The conference has a new format where you can pick from a variety of longer extended sessions as well as participate in cohorts created around curriculum/common interest groups.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Curriculum Office.

New Book Club Book: Why Don’t Students Like School?

If you are interested in reading Daniel T. Willingham’s Why Don’t Students Like School? we have just received 10 copies of this book in the Curriculum Office.  The book looks at the science behind how kids learn and how we as teachers can use this information for improved instruction.  From Amazon:

“Cognitive scientist Dan Willingham focuses his acclaimed research on the biological and cognitive basis of learning. His book will help teachers improve their practice by explaining how they and their students think and learn. It reveals-the importance of story, emotion, memory, context, and routine in building knowledge and creating lasting learning experiences.”

We will have the book club after Spring Break and the book is fairly short at 215 pgs.

Please let Stacy in the Curriculum Office know if you are interested and she will get back to you with possible book club times.

Happy reading!

Preview of PD for Next School Year

Budgets are set, people are contacted, and next year is shaping up as another great opportunity for professional development at AES.

Here is just a preview of who we have confirmed and what they will supporting us with next year:

Bambi Betts: Bambi is a widely regarded former school head and professional development consultant.  She runs the Principals and Teachers Training Centers which offer classes in both Miami and London during the summer and specializes in the needs of international educators. Bambi will be here from Oct. 22nd to Oct. 26th to conduct a week of leadership and facilitation training.

Erma Anderson: Erma has been coming to AES for the past few years to support our work in mathematics education. She will be at AES twice next year (Sept. 10th-14th and Feb. 11th-15th) to continue her work with math teachers and to support the efforts of our science teachers as they also consider the current research on best practices and science instruction.

Buffalo SUNY : Buffalo State will continue to have a presence on our campus next year as our first set of graduates finishes off their master’s program and in Spring of 2013 the course Site-Based Leadership will be offered.  COETAIL will continue next year as well, as they too wrap up their first classes for the certificate in Educational Technology.  Please contact Scott White for more details about these programs and potential offerings next year.

We have more exciting offerings in the works and we will keep you posted as these opportunities become available.  If you have any questions, please contact us here in the Curriculum Office.

Professional Development Opportunities for Summer

Just back from winter vacation and we are already thinking about summer?  We ARE teachers right???

Actually, we started thinking about summer PD before the winter break even started and we have posted this document on the blog under the Professional Development tab titled Summer Professional Development Opportunities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any program or opportunity in particular. We will continue to add new PD to this document as it becomes available. Let the summer planning begin!

Free Online PD? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

At this busy time of year if you are looking for ways to unwind, unplug, and yet still be plugged in, you might want to check out the K-12 Online Conference – Theme: Purposeful Play. The K-12 Online Conference is organized by several people (Peggy George, Susan van Gelder, Kim Caise, Jose Rodriguez  Ginger Lumen, Darren Kuropatwa, and Wes Fryer) and happens…guess what, all online, all totally free! He has lined up a group of web notables to discuss and present on various issues related to educational technology. The entire schedule is available:


The conference started just yesterday and continues through Dec. 9th.  Topics are varied, but a few popped out as contenders (I will add links as they become available online):

There are many, many others each day, I just picked a few to highlight.  They are posted either in an audio or a videocast.  You can also find them later through iTunes U.

Happy viewing!